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Men in a circleIf you are a marketing professional who does not have the resources to manage a integrated lead development and nurturing function, then there a number of services that we can deliver:

Sales Appointments


Getting your sales colleagues in front of a fully qualified prospect
There is no higher target for Market Nurturing Limited than getting your sales teams sitting with a highly qualified, ready-to-engage, genuine prospect. In fact, we are so determined to get this right for you that we guarantee to replace any appointment where you do not find there to be a real sales opportunity to address. The contact that we pass to your organisation will have been communicated with at least twice before receiving a call from our telemarketing team; we will have gone through any profiling questions that you have requested and the appointment will have been made at a time to suit - with their full agreement. It's what we are all about!

Lead Nurturing


Lead Nurturing
Are you privileged to be working with that rare sales force that closes every red hot lead and keeps in touch regularly with prospects not ready to buy? You are fortunate indeed! 
For the rest of the marketing world it is our job to retain or take back those warmish leads and begin a steady and methodical feed of relevant information on products, services, offers and background material. Market Nurturing can manage that communication for you employing email marketing and marketing automation engines to manage nurturing lists; allocate lead scores by activity type until the prospects show themselves to be ready to engage.


Event Management
Events such as seminars, conferences and webinars are part of the staple diet of marketing departments.  We put so much energy into getting them right - right content, right venue, right speakers - and yet we so often fail to properly engage with those who actual attend your event.  
Market Nurturing can take all the administrative efforts from you having had experience running events for organisations large and small. We can handle everything from the invites, online registrations and confirmations all the way through to pre-event phone chase-ups and post-event contact - leaving you to handle the resulting sales leads.


Newsletter Production
One of the best ways to keep a prospective buyer (and indeed a current customer who could be upsold) interested in your organisation is by sending carefully crafted newsletters (printed or emailed) which can cover new product releases; updates; awards; customer case studies and other relevant information. Email newsletters can quickly create interest from clickable topic lists which the reader selects to get more detail - from within the newsletter or your website. Market Nurturing has a huge amount of experience writing and producing newsletters - so let us do this as part of the nurturing process - it's one less thing for you to worry about.

Getting Introduced


Managing the Data
You may have the most impressive CRM system in the world, believing all your data to be under control -  but the truth is, deep down, you know that lots more contact data lies around the organisation. Favourite places are: spreadsheets; event delegate lists; outlook contact lists plus random lists on just about every person's laptop.
We can help bring all that data together, de-duplicate it, populate it where fields are missing or contact information is out of date, and start to use the data for campaigning and nurturing purposes.


Direct Marketing Campaigns
A mixture of direct marketing and e-marketing currently appears to get the best response rates as prospects see your identity in different formats.
Messages must be consistent and calls to action must be clear. Occasionally, direct marketing calls for something really creative - which we can do - but, to be honest, if you have something that is relevant, interesting and well timed then your message will be read.


Email Marketing Campaigns
Market Nurturing use one of the UK's best used email marketing engines to power this activity - giving us the ability to provide you with incredibly detailed feedback on open rates; links used; responses made etc.
It is a powerful part of the market nurturing process and which telemarketer or inside sales representative wouldn't want to be handed the contact lead who has opened the last email twice, followed the main links and submitted a "call me" response? Ours certainly like to follow those up!